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Bioshock Movie Unearthed Again? Domain Registrations Made

Bioshock Movie was being produced by Universal Studios couple of years back and it was all the hype back then. However, the project fell apart (twice) and the movie was shelved. We all thought that was the end of it until now; new evidence suggests that Sony Pictures might be considering it again.

The sources of the speculation are basically a couple of domain registrations namely, and All three of these domains were registered last month and reported by Kotaku now.

More importantly, all three of the domains were not registered by Universal Studios but Sony Pictures. Could this mean that 2K Games has decided to let go of Universal after the project couldn’t get through more than once and chosen to go with a different production house?

Only time will tell.

In 2008, Gore Verbinski, the director of Pirates of the Caribbean was hired to direct the Bioshock movie. Later on it was revealed that he left the project due to differences in the budget he wanted for the movie as well as the fact that he wished to make it an R rated film.

There on, the director of 28 Days Later, Juan Carlos was hired but the plans didn’t get through again. This time the creative director of the game Ken Levine pulled the plug on it.

Now, we are not sure about the domain registrations’ worth yet, however the fact that they have been registered by Sony Pictures does make one wish for the film to actually happen. Until we get a confirmation, we shall treat all this as rumor.

How eager are you to see the Bioshock movie project running again?