Watch H1Z1 Gameplay Livestream Video; Cars, Crafting and More Detailed

Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming project, H1Z1 is a hot topic of discussion these days. To shed more light on different aspects of the game, here’s the H1Z1 gameplay livestream video that was held yesterday.

Tom Schenck the technical director and Jimmy Whisenhunt the game designer who have been working on the upcoming H1Z1 hoax based game of the same name, sat down together on Twitch.

The total length of the H1Z1 gameplay livestream was close to an hour where quite a lot of the first details were shared. Some of the areas touched by the developers were the cars that are going to be involved in the game, the mode and methods of crafting (the extent as well) and a lot more.

If you watch through to the end of the video above, you will also be able to find out more about other gameplay elements through the answers that the developers gave to the fans.

In one specific question they were asked about the way the team was going to handle microtransactions, the duo said that “you won’t be able to pay to be babied“ and that there will be “no instant access to weapons.”

Pretty much true to what we were told previously by John Smedley.

Check out the H1Z1 gameplay livestream video above and tell us what your impressions are about the game.