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Watch Dogs: Digital Shadow App Tells If You Are Worthy Target For Hackers

Ubisoft has launched an interesting Facebook app called ‘Digital Shadow’ that connects with Facebook users, much like the technology demonstrated in Watch Dogs.

The app gathers information from the user’s Facebook account like status updates, comments, images, places checked in, commonly used words and other data. The app then guesses which areas are frequented by the user, which friends can prove valuable in an event or which ones to sacrifice to save oneself. It marks the user based on his online behavior and displays ways for the hacker to manipulate him. It can even take a guess at the user’s password.

The app also crosschecks the user’s psyche with that of his family. Thus it manages to get quite a bit of information on the user even when using a anonymous profile. It estimates the value of the user’s digital shadow based on the amount of information gathered and risk of being hacked.

The more active the user is on Facebook the more information the app can gather. Ubisoft insists that the app doesn’t store the information gathered nor will it use in the future. It is solely for entertainment purposes.

According to Ubisoft ‘over a quarter million’ people have used their app since its launch a week ago. The objective of the app is not to to put the fear of leaving a digital shadow but to provoke thought and discussions on how our life is getting digital as days go by.

The app is currently available only in the United States but can be accessed by anyone with a VPN/Proxy. Head over to the official site to check your Digital Shadow.