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Untrusted Is A Coding Game That Uses Javascript To Win

Game creators are getting creative these days, implementing even their coding knowledge in a direct manner into their projects. PC “game” Untrusted is not something everyone will enjoy, but coders might get a kick out of it.

In Untrusted, players navigate simple stages, made up of symbols like in the olden days. Each room comes with a different puzzle, which needs to be overcome by applying Javascript into the console.

By coding appropriately, programmers can alter the reality of the game completely, which subsequently opens the door to the next level.

There’s even a neat little story tied to the whole thing. It stars a protagonist named Dr. Eval, going through these mazes as a “@” sign.

Untrusted is way beyond our level of intellect, requiring actually applied knowledge. Therefore, we can’t really go into detail about it too much, but it’s like hacking mini-games if they were ridiculously realistic and hard. Imagine playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution like that.

There seems to be 21 levels in total, as a reddit thread was kind enough to provide some guides for those who get stuck at a particularly complex level. That’s the sort of help you can use to cross-reference as well.

If Untrusted is currently out of reach for you as well, but you still like the idea, then maybe you can give Glitchspace a try. It recently released on Steam Early Access and provides a more visual representation of programming skills.

Glitchspace is also just €6.99 for a game with more content coming as it’s being developed. Those who can stand the test can play Untrusted for free.