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Trials Fusion Secret Levels Locations Guide

Trials Fusion is not only about executing breathtaking stunts to touch the skies. It is also packed with tons of secrets to uncover and of course, hidden Squirrels to collect.

Trials Fusion Secret Levels Locations

We have a separate guide on where to find these Hidden Squirrels and this guide is solely dedicated to finding different secrets hidden in the tracks.

Read on to know where to find them:

Penguin Washl
Location: Penguin Wash – Stormtrooper
At the very start of the level, reverse through the sand ramp and enter the mysterious purple glow near a truck to enter the secret level. Destroy all towers and make the birds fall to complete this challenge.

Tennis Court
Location: Game, Set, Match – Park and Ride
You need to carefully drop down in the Tennis Court and stand on the middle of the court to start playing Tennis using a signboard; against a Penguin.

Maze Level
Location: Secret Agent – Cliffhanger
Near the start, you need to reverse and fall into the open hatch of the stationary Flying Saucer to get to the secret Maze Level.

Flying Fire Rings
Location: Wormholin’ – Observatory
Drop from a cliff and you will see fire erupting from a pipe. Drop on this ledge and reverse to set the rear side of your bike on fire. This will make several fire rings in the air and you would be able to fly in between them to reach a Wormhole on a stationary aircraft in the air.

Marble Mini Game
Location: Return of the Sphere – Around the Oasis
You need to reverse to fall into the water near some pipes. This will let you play the Marble Mini Game which we have already seen in the Trials Evolution.

If you have uncovered any other secret levels, let us know in the comments below!