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Nintendo’s Wii & Wii U Sales Combined Couldn’t Cross 100K in March

Famous analyst named David Gibson has provided specific sales figures for the consoles and games from the recently released NPD report.

According to him, the combined sales of Wii and Wii U were not able to pass the 100K figure with Wii selling 28k while Wii U sold almost 70K.

However, this is just a figure given by the analyst and not officially by Nintendo, so the authenticity of this information can be challenged. This information was first revealed by a user of NeoGAF named as ‘creamsugar’ who holds a pretty good record for providing the exact information regarding the NPD.

The comparison of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was also shown in a tweet:

Despite some great first party titles for the Wii U console, it has been suffering in the market against the giants like Sony and Microsoft due to lack of third party developers.

Do these figures by David Gibson surprise you?

Source: Nintendo Everything