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Next Car Game Now Has A Replay Option And New Tracks

Developer Bugbear Entertainment has added more content to their next car game, called Next Car Game. It’s currently on Steam through the Early Access program.

In the update, the racing simulation meant for vehicular destruction adds a sandpit, which the developer feels will make a connection with its fans. It has some bumps and sand traps and the likes, so you can skid around in style.

Outside of the sandpit, the Next Car Game update plops two more derby stadiums into the list of tracks. These are, however, still a work in progress.

Moreover, you can now watch how you did with the use of a replay option. This allows for camera angles, tracking, slow motion and so on. It should urge content creators to make some spiffy clips, given the game’s elaborate destructive capabilities.

For true racing fans, the driving simulator should now allow for more than one simultaneous controller. This is specifically applied so gamers can use both a steering wheel and pedals. Suspension and tire physics have been improved to guarantee a smoother experience.

Developer Bugbear wants to bring back their vehicular combat days from when they worked on the FlatOut series, which is a spiritual successor to the Destruction Derby games. Their latest effort, Ridge Racer Unbounded, sort of altered that franchise’s focus to more bumper car gameplay as well, but it wasn’t as well received as originally planned.

For Next Car Game, the company has everything in its own hands.

As a special treat to go with the update, Next Car Game is currently Steam’s Daily Deal. You can get it at a 33% discount for €16.07.