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GTA Online Gets 10 New Verified Jobs, Includes an Air Race

Rockstar Games have verified 10 new GTA Online Jobs, which were created by a few dedicated fans of the game.

These latest verified jobs range from Deathmatches to Road Races and a first ever verified Air Race. Some of the races have been created in lesser popular areas and then there are few that will take place in the familiar areas of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Following are the newly verified created jobs:

  • Final Destination – Created by TonyResta
  • 2 Mile Lap Divided – Created by Family1974
  • Alleyways – Created by omgsamurai
  • Break out the Brakes – Create by IckyDoodyPoopoo
  • Riding the Tracks – Created by Ben.Stock96
  • Simply Sanchez – Created by Refuso
  • The Dirty Maze – Created by dannyar21
  • White Cars Can’t Jump – Created by Therealxstacide
  • Little Seoul Park – Created by Phipparama
  • Area 53 – Created by giuli0207

In aforementioned jobs, the first one titled as Final Destination is the Air Race, which Rockstar describes as:

It is certainly no easy task to make an Air Race that is challenging but not impossible, or one that uses the skyscape of Los Santos in such a dynamic and interesting way. The Leader of the four-strong Italian Connection has done just that with this race that features plenty of opportunities to showcase your flying skills as you’re directed under the bridges of the Los Santos storm drain.

In the next round of verified jobs, Rockstar will include some capture missions, which can now be created with the help of Capture Creator. Moreover, the developer has promised that they will be bringing co-op heist to the game very soon.

For full detail on these jobs, check out the official website of Rockstar Games.

Which one of these jobs are you looking to play in GTA V Online?