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Fortnite: Constructor Class Detailed

Following the reveal of the Ninja class, Epic Games has now detailed the Constructor class for its upcoming online survival-builder Fortnite.

The Constructor class starts with the B.A.S.E. (Basic Automated Sentinel Edifice) ability, where a large holographic cube can be placed in the environment and anything built inside it costs fewer resources for the player.

Other abilities include:

  • Containment Unit – Deals persistent damage to enemies within the B.A.S.E. area.
  • Plasma Pulse – Area-of-effect grenades that deal damage for a short period of time.

The Constructor has the advantage of constructing buildings faster than other classes. With the B.A.S.E ability he can build larger structures faster and with lesser resources. This can be very useful in situations where either you don’t have the resources or you need to get a construction done in quick time. The class’ perk also allows players to upgrade their buildings beyond the upgrade-limit faced by other classes.

The class is the slowest in the game though. The class is better suited to defending the fort in team matches. One of the Grenades available is the Plasma Pulse which deals area-of-effect damage and is great for keeping enemies out of a breach in the base.

Despite sounding like a passive role, the Constructor plays a major part in the game. In campaign mode he has to build fortifications around mission objectives, in multiplayer he has to keep watch all over the base and repair any weakened structure, as well as take down enemies who are too focused on destroying the fortification.

Fortnite is set to release on the PC sometime this year.