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Final Fantasy III PC Port Suggested by German Rating Board

Final Fantasy III is one of the classic games that set the tone for the Final Fantasy universe and the favorite game from the series of Naoki Yoshida. What if we tell you that there could be a Final Fantasy III PC port?

Well, we picked up word that Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle aka Germany’s computer game rating organization has put up listing for Final Fantasy III PC port.

Originally only available on Famicom, Final Fantasy III later received a Nintendo DS version when the handheld was launched. Thereon it got several other ports.

Now, it is previously available on so many platforms that the PC port is hardly surprising. Ever since it was released, the game has visited platforms including Nintendo Entertainment System, Java ME, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Virtual Console, PlayStation Network,iOS, Android, Ouya and Windows Phone.

Moreover, other games in the series i.e. Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII already have a PC version.

Do you see the trend too? Now that the series’ classic game from the 1990’s is coming to PC could it be possible that Square Enix is planning more ports for the platform?

Talking of Square Enix, the publisher and their longstanding partner Sony severed stakeholder ties recently when Sony sold off all their shares in Square Enix. This ended a decade long partnership. Being away from the PlayStation manufacturers, could the publisher start focusing a bit more on PC now?

In the end, all this is mere speculation until and unless Square Enix confirms anything. After all it is just the rating board that evidences a Final Fantasy III PC port.