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Epigenesis Shooter-Sports Game Hybrid Adds Singleplayer

PC multiplayer project Epigenesis has released a singleplayer mode in its Early Access build currently on Steam. It’s available now for $9.99 or €8.99.

Epigenesis plays a little like Quake III, Unreal Tournament or other “gibbing” shooters, where speed and movement are both incredibly important to gameplay. Players can be seen scurrying across the map, jumping great lengths and trying to rail each other with their weapons.

For this particular game, however, the first-person mechanism is only a shooter in half of its design and an elaborate sports game for the second part. While there is a gravity gun involved, its only use is to impair opponents and push them down platforms, while your team reaches for a ball.

By scoring a goal, players can unlock a way to claim a certain platform. As an additional layer of gameplay, it’s possible to win by connecting a series of platforms from one goal to the other. Otherwise, the team with the most goals wins.

Since Epigenesis requires a bit of trained skill to recognize maps, learn how gravity and momentum works and so on, the singleplayer addition is well-suited for those that need some practice. Trying to precisely rail fast-moving opponents can be tough as well, so having more predictable artificial opponents can prepare you for the big leagues.

Epigenesis was already to win some prizes. Among them, the team at Dead Shark Triplepunch was able to snag a victory at Make Something Unreal Live in 2013 hosted by Epic Games.