Dynamic Lighting in Fable Legends Sure Looks Amazing

The developer behind Fable Legends Lionhead Studios are certain that the upcoming RPG will look amazing. And you don’t have to take their word for it since they have proof to show it!

In a lengthy Blogpost made by Lionhead Studios, the developer has explained how their custom Dynamic Global Illumination tech has allowed them to add dynamic lighting in the game.

We made a decision early on to have fully dynamic lighting in our game. We think this is important for a number of reasons: It allows dynamic time of day, which adds variation to our world; it massively improves iteration times for artists; and it supports dynamic objects both reflecting and receiving light. Dynamic GI can also give higher quality results than baked lighting in some cases, for example, reflections, where lighting needs to take into account the view position.

The Blogpost further discusses Unreal Engine 4’s Deferred Renderer which supports large number of lightning and physically-based material. Along with this, 2nd-order spherical harmonics, computing shaders, light bounces, and a bunch of comparative screenshots are also provided. The full Blogpost can be read at Lionhead Studios’ Blog.

Fable Legends is set 400 years before the events of the original Fable Game and is slated to release exclusively for Xbox One. As for the release date, no solid date has been provided!

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