Cortex Command Makes Up for Crappy Launch With Build 30

Long-running indie project Cortex Command released Build 30 of its pixelated strategy title that will add a ton of new features. This is to compensate on the PC game’s tepid launch, which it uses as a springboard in an accompanying developer diary.

In the clip, developer Data Realms points out some choice critiques of review outlets from when Cortex Command first released on Steam. This includes a giant “mediocre” banner, given by IGN.

Cortex Command is about 12 years old by now. Apparently, it even inspired Notch to make Minecraft.

Yet, when the game hit Steam, its release build was still very much a work in progress and the developer pushes some of that responsibility back to outlets, stating they “misinterpreted” what the game was. There’s also the use of Early Access as a defense, which wasn’t released back then, to make up for some shortcomings Data Realms is otherwise completely aware of.

So, to sway early disgruntled players, Build 30 will enhance Cortex Command in a lot of ways. First off, the side-scrolling robots and soldiers should now be a lot smarter, which hopefully will prevent them from self-destruction a bit more, though that was hilarious to witness too.

A big new feature is the capability to control entire squads of soldiers, instead of just one at a time. That should allow for some more coordinated assaults as well.

Cortex Command also has a ton of weapons, from simple bombs to rifles or even experimental blasters. These should all be balanced out now.

Regarding user friendliness, the addition of Steam Workshop is definitely the biggest implementation. Now it should be possible to simply subscribe to a certain mod to have it appear in the game automatically.

Those who haven’t picked up Cortex Command yet can currently do so at a 50% discount, which is also available through the developer’s site.

Fun fact: Cortex Command was one of the first games to be featured in a Humble Bundle.