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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Bundled With 500GB PS3 for $270

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced a new PlayStation 3 bundle that will feature a 500GB console, a copy of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 videogame and a digital copy of the first Spider-Man movie – all for the price of $270.

Available at WalMart, the listing’s description says the following:

Swing through Manhattan while fighting Electro and more with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 3 bundle, featuring a PS3 500GB System, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game, and The Amazing Spider-Man movie on VUDU.

In the new Amazing Spider-Man 2, our masked web-slinger faces some of his biggest enemies so far. Having rubbed the Kingpin the wrong way, a bounty placed on his head causes everyone to hunt him down and gain the promised cash reward.

Just like the previous title in the series, the game will let you roam freely around New York, Manhattan area. The developer of the game has already confirmed that the game will have its original story and will not copy anything from the movie.

Moreover, the developers are introducing a new morality system ‘Hero or Menace’, which will be a lot like the good and evil system of Infamous series. You will be rewarded as the hero whenever you stop the crime and will get the menace points upon ignoring the crime scenes.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to release for all the major platforms apart from Xbox One on 29th of April.