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Turtle Rock Teases New Monster Type and Map For Evolve

A concept art released by Turtle Rock Studios teases not only a new subterranean level for Evolve, but also a new monster type in the shape of an insectoid.

Speaking with OXM, the developer claimed that the monsters in their game wont be variants of one another. Each creature will be worked on to be completely different in design, play styles and species.

If that’s the case then compared to the previously revealed jungle setting and massive creatures, the next reveal could see to something totally opposite. The concept art shows the four hunters overlooking a massive cave with an insectoid monster’s mandible taking up the foreground. It’s safe to say that it’s attached to the centipede that is crawling on the tree bark.

A dialogue between the four hunters accompanies the artwork, which further hints at a new level/map design:

“So we’re going down there?” Val asked.

“That’s where the monster is,” Griffin said, grinning. He looked hungry, feral.

“You got another option, darlin’, we’re all ears,” Hank said.

“I was thinking about a map maybe? A plan?”

“What use, a map?” Markov challenged. “A map is not the cave. And a plan? The plan is fire. Lightning. Steel.”

“Yeah. Ok. That’s what I figured,” Val shrugged. She looked at Griffin. “Lead on, great hunter.”

Four jetpacks burned into life, carrying the hunters out, and down. Into the depths of the alien cave where the monster waited for them. “

Evolve is a 1 vs 4-player co-op first person shooter from the Left 4 Dead creators. The game is expected to release in Q3 2014 on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Evolve - Insect Teaser