Tropico 5 Special Limited Edition Announced

Kalypso Media has announced a Tropico 5 Limited Special Edition; pre-orders of which are now open and grant buyers access to the El Presidente avatar costume, a new ‘Bayo del Olfato’ map for Sandbox Mode, as well as a Tropico Passport and a Tropico Island Postcard.

The digital version can be pre-purchased right now on Steam with a 10 percent discount. It also offers players the option to get the Businessman avatar costume and the ‘Isla de Vapor’ map for sandbox mode. The offer though is exclusive to the digital version only.

Kalypso Media has announced additional pre-order bonuses that will depend on the number of pre-orders placed for Tropico 5. Players can also pre-purchase the game via the Kalypso Launcher and get a 15 percent discount.

Unlike previous Tropico titles, players can take control of their country from its foundation in the colonial era all the way to the 21st century, with new challenges to tackle in each era. El Presidente will have a family of his own whom he can appoint in positions of power, as well as have one of them replace him after he dies. Players can also take part in a 4-way multiplayer mode.

Tropico 5 will be available on the PC on May 23. The retail version will be available in North America on June 3. The Mac and Xbox 360 versions will be available this summer with the PlayStation 4 version releasing this fall.