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PSN Easter Sale Adds PS4 Games, People Are Still Pissed

Those who own a Playstation 4 can finally start landing deals on Playstation Network (PSN), as Sony announced that two EA games would join sales, starting today. Until April 22, you can get your hands on either Battlefield 4 or Need for Speed Rivals on Sony’s newest console at a discounted price.

A full breakdown of how sales stack up against their original price is put in the latest Playstation Blog post. We’ll show you below:

Battlefield 4

Was €69.99 / $99.95 / £54.99 Now €49.99 / $69.95 / £39.99


Need For Speed Rivals

Was €69.99 / $99.95 / £54.99 Now €49.99 / $69.95 / £39.99

Recently, Sony announced a giant Easter Sale for its PSN titles, but those were only for Playstation 3 and PS Vita. Evne in our own comment section, people weren’t pleased enough with the dozens of discounts.

Going back to the original Playstation Blog post, the reactions are a lesson in how to look a gift horse in the mouth. Several comments complain that this new addition of PS4 games, which weren’t even part of the original plan, isn’t good enough and prices aren’t low enough for new generation games that are less than half a year old.

This is the digital age we live in now, where immediacy reigns. Feel free to purchase games elsewhere if you’re dissatisfied. Those stating that a retail version can be picked up for less do have a valid point. Go do that.

No one is forcing you to jump on a deal you don’t like. Luckily, the game offers still stand for those who would like to play some high-profile games on their new PS4, but couldn’t afford it yet.

Everyone wins.