PC Game Endless Legend Reveals The Necrophages Faction

Publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced its fourth faction for strategy PC game Endless Legend and with a name like The Necrophages, it doesn’t sound pleasant. It may be the darkest race to be uncovered as of yet.

In the trailer, the hero of the Necrophages, aptly called Feeds on Bones, tells the origin of this insect swarm. They were once a hive mind of many, acting as one on their planet of Auriga.

Since their fall, the hero has brought the race back from the dead to once more plague the lands. Their numbers vastly outmatch that of the previously revealed factions.

Since this is a warring class, its traits reflect their aggressive stance with things like Vampirism and Chivalrous Knights. One of their larger, brooding units can implant an egg into the corpses of fallen warriors, which can spawn an insect carrying that enemy’s DNA.

Aside from the hero character, there are also plenty of drones in the Necrophages army. Both flying units with poisonous clouds and ground units with acid attacks can populate the map.

Fans of the Endless Space franchise, which is where the Endless Legend lore comes from, will recognize these units from their other title, Dungeon of the Endless. While the latter has a more pixelated style, their make is undeniably the same.

Action also takes place on the central planet of Auriga in both games. It was also a vital part in the later lore of Endless Space.

Endless Legend will take its 4X genre of conquest to Steam Early Access soon. There are four more factions to be revealed.