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Microsoft Working on Bringing Popular Features From Xbox 360 to Xbox One

Microsoft’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb has stated that they are working hard to bring new, as well as many of the popular features of the Xbox 360 over to the new Xbox One.

Speaking in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, he responded to a query of the prospect of trials on the Xbox One. Hryb said that while the feature is not being worked on right now, it is “definitely on the ‘Things To Do’ list.” He though could not say as to when consumers can expect the feature.

The Xbox 360 had a very flexible ‘trial’ feature for most of its Xbox Live Games. Players could download trial versions for free that allowed for a limited playthrough. Thus helping them decide if they wanted to purchase a full copy or not.

The Xbox community has been pretty vocal about the demand of more trials or demos for Xbox One games. However, it looks like they’ll have to wait for sometime before they finally get the said feature.

Hryb explained that the Xbox One is still new in the market, compared to the Xbox 360 which ran for 10 years during which many new features were added. He said that the Xbox One is a ‘completely new architecture’ so they cant just take all the old features from Xbox 360 and add them to the Xbox One right away.

It’s always nice to see company representatives looking for feedback from users. Much like Sony, Microsoft is also assembling a list of asked features, which they’ll be looking to cross out as soon as possible.