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Jedi Knight 2 HD Remake Mod is Well Under Development

Jedi Knight 2 by Raven Software was released in 2002 and might still be in the memory of Star Wars fans. So many players wanted a sequel or an HD remake of the title but all the hopes were squashed when Disney closed the studio last year.

After the studio came to an end, Raven Software released the source code of Jed Knight 2, for all the players, which meant that the horizons were open and the players were able bring newly made mods into the game. Now a user named as JDBArtist has taken upon himself to bring the HD version of the popular game to life.

On the forums of Gaming Nexus, JDBArtist describes that his main focus will on refurbishing the single player missions and multiplayer arenas by bringing in some improved lighting and detailed textures. He wrote:

I plan to recreate the entire single player campaign as well as the multiplayer part of the game. This means you will be able to relive the journey of Kyle Katarn as he sacrifices everything in order to save his girlfriend and even becomes a Jedi Knight.

This is definitely a huge ask from one person but he looks well on his way to making it happen, below are some screenshots that shows some work in progress.

For detailed information on the mod, check out the ModDb Website and to support him, head to theĀ Gaming Nexus forums.

The HD remake of Jedi Knight is planned for release on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Do you want an HD remake of Jedi Knight 2?