Here’s The New Alien Isolation Developer Diary That Discusses the Lo-Fi Sci-Fi

We do know that Creative Assembly wishes to stay as close to the world created by Ridley Scott as possible, they have said that before too. However, the new Alien Isolation developer diary sheds light no exactly how they are going about keeping the game true to the original Alien movie.

The new Alien Isolation developer diary is a little short, less than three minutes but UI lead Jon McKellan and art lead Jude Bond make good use of the time.

Bond explained how the first thing they followed in order to give the game a feeling of 1979 was to ensure that nothing was created that couldn’t have been there in the set in those days.

Jon McKellan explained how they had stripped back the UI so that the technology resembled how everything looked and felt back in the seventies. The softness and the slight fizziness of those days were recreated. Here’s one of the more interesting ways in which they attained the authenticity they wanted:

“The technique that we found most effective was to take gameplay footage and UI elements and record them onto VHS tape and play them back through an old portable television. On its way we would distort the cables and stamp on the tape and generally destroy equipment in the process. Once we got that back into the game we found that it didn’t just look authentic, it was authentic.”

Check out the Alien Isolation developer diary yourself and see if it has the potential to further increase our anticipation about the game – though I doubt Alien fans could get any more excited about the game than they already are.