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Fnatic is Your 2014 EU LCS Spring Champion

The EU LCS never ceases to amaze us. SK Gaming, a team that was recently reformed with new players, entered the LCS through a promotional series and then went off to be the leading team in the standings. Fnatic on the other hand, even with their experience and the support of the crowd, ended up with a 0-8 slump a few weeks back. They however came back strongly to stand just behind SK Gaming in the EU LCS ladder.

The five match series was played today between both teams to determine the 2014 EU LCS Spring Champion and Fnatic was the one who took the crown with a convincing 3-1 victory.

Game 1 saw Fnatic take an early lead with two quick kills. They then captivated the SK side with early jungle pressure, as well as an early lane swap. SK were completely routed and could not secure objective control, giving away 5 dragons and 3 barons to the Fnatic team. It was an easy victory at the end.

Game 2 turned out to be a surprise for everyone, with SK Gaming turning things around early on with three quick kills. From then on the team dominated their lanes, specially CandyPanda who mowed down the Fnatic lineup with ease. Unfortunately for them, a failed team fight at the 29 minutes mark sealed their fate. Fnatic Rekkles acquired a triple kill to finish off SK Gaming and close out the game.

Game 3 saw SK Gaming fighting hard. The team stuck to Fnatic’s rotations and pressured them into committing mistakes. Finding plenty of opportunities, SK Gaming were able to force a game 4 and keep their dreams alive.

Game 4 saw to Fnatic picking a poke composition. While the game was slow paced at start, at the 15 minutes mark Fnatic started showing why their composition was so strong in keeping SK Gaming at bay. The final match was an utter annihilation of SK Gaming, leaving Fnatic to win yet another LCS championship.

The final standings of the 2014 EU LCS Spring Split are:
1. Fnatic
2. SK Gaming
3. Roccat
4. Alliance