Wildstar MMO Video Details Warplots PvP Element

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Wildstar released a new video that details its Warplots system. This is the Player versus Player or PvP element in the game.

Essentially, a Warplot is like a basecamp fortress for you and your allies. You can acquire it after teaming up and creating a war party of multiple people.

It’s also possible to customize the looks and insides of the Warplots to fit your style, whether that’s a mechanized fort or a skull-laden lair.

During the PvP battles, which will put 40 people against 40 others, there will be resource points scattered across the map. These can be harvested to put into use back at the base.

With the resources in hand, Warplots can be outfitted with offensive and defensive gear, such as cannons, mines, teleport gates or even robots and attack ships.

More titillating still, it’s possible to capture large creatures inside dungeons and have them appear to join your fight. These bosses will require Boss Tokens to summon.

Resource areas will serve as control points for PvP combat. Those who control the most points will start to starve out the opposing team.

A game ends by either destroying generators or through killing players and disabling structures. all info surrounding Wildstar’s Warplots can be found on their site.

For those interested, Wildstar will have another weekend event coming up this week.