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Warframe DDOS Attack Causes Instability, Compensations for Affected Players

Digital Extremes’ co-operative third person shooter was recently struck by hackers. The Warframe DDoS attack has affected different features of the game. The developer previously explained what was affected and how, while now they have announced compensations for certain kinds of losses.

On the official forums, a thread has been dedicated to Warframe DDos attack where a list of FAQs was shared. As far as the Argon decaying is concerned, it was explained that although the timer will continue to countdown but Argon decaying has been subsided.

The developers have also extended all the active or pending Dark Sector conflicts by a day or two which means that people can get back to them once the effects of the Warframe DDoS attack wear off. Same is the case with Login rewards and the login rewards streaks, a two day ‘leeway’ has been provided so that people don’t get their streak broken because of the attack.

Moreover, another update was made on the same thread where Digital Extremes assured that things are now looking up. More importantly, it was announced that players who have been affected monetarily (time sensitive boosters), will get compensated in a couple of days:

“We expect stability moving forward, thank you everyone for your patience. We will be compensating those who purchased time sensitive boosters in the coming day or two. We will also have an update tomorrow on the plan for unplayable Alerts during the downtime.”

What else do you think should be compensated for in lieu of the Warframe DDoS attack?