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Twitch Swoops in to Rescue Choice Chamber

Choice Chamber is a procedurally generated 2D platformer that changes levels based on the audience’s feedback. The game’s Kickstarter campaign has so far only acquired half of the intended funds and with just four days to go, it really seems that Choice Chamber might not see the light of day.

Intended to be played and streamed on Twitch, the game creates polls for the audience to answer. The results of which help change the game’s level in real time, create special events, aid the player by modifying the level difficulty, add power ups necessary to take down a boss, make the game more challenging or simply spawn more enemies.

The game caught the attention of the folks at Twitch who announced their plans to help the game reach its goal. They plan on matching donations with donators, that is; Twitch will provide 5000$ if donators can donate the same amount. At the moment, Choice Chamber Kickstarter has $18,000.

The stretch goals include Mod Support, Co Op Mode and new Soundtracks from C4 18 who composed Minecraft’s soundtracks. Mod support for a game that has near-infinite levels designs will make for a very interesting addition. Hopefully with Twitch showing interest in the project will revitalize the fans to fund the game.

The game can be played offline but it’s obvious playing the game online with Twitch support is the best way. Choice Chamber, once fully funded, will be available on the PC and Mac.

Source Twitch