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Square Enix Defends DRM, Agrees on Eliminating Issues Faced by Players

In a recent batch of talks Square Enix defended the need of the controversial DRM features, saying that it’s a necessary part of doing business.

Speaking with TorrentFreak, Square Enix America’s Senior Manager of Business and Legal Affairs Adam Sullivan explained that any kind of copyright infringement, unauthorized use of software and breaching of data privacy will not be abolished any time soon. So Digital Rights Management (DRM) still remains a necessity for protecting Square Enix’s IPs and insuring their profits.

On the same note Sullivan admitted that consumers are not a fan of it and that the company understands that for this to succeed their DRM features should not interfere with gaming. However, he noted that there is currently no perfect solution.

He added that the rise of free to play gaming will not eliminate the need for DRM since such titles are themselves vulnerable to security/hack attacks. He did agree that a non-interfering form of DRM, which doesn’t inhibit a gamer to play his/her videogames, has yet to appear. The best way to reach the solution is to get feedback from Publishers’ sales teams, vendors and the gamers who purchase their games, so that the company can fix previous errors and work on a better strategy to provide their games.

Sullivan will talk on behalf of Square Enix on the impact of DRM at the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit in Los Angeles, this June.

Source TorrentFreak