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Sony Unveils New 4K Media Player FMP-X10 With a Design Similar to PS4

Sony Electronics is going to expand its market in the 4K industry and in order to make that happen, they have unveiled their new generation 4K Ultra HD Media player named as Sony FMP-X10, which looks a lot like the PlayStation 4.

This new device from Sony features quite a similar design as of PlayStation 4 but only a little bit more flat. The FMP-X10 will be put into markets for sale this summer and it will allow the players to stream a number of movies and TV shows that are available in the 4K resolution with the help of Netflix and Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K service.

The device can store up to 1TB of data which is double of what PS4 has to offer in terms of storage, also it will provide support for the TRILUMINOUS Color technology from Sony. However, no price was discussed by the developers.

One thing that is still not clear, is when or if the 4K technology will be coming to the PlayStation 4. On a FAQ that was established before the launch of PlayStation 4, Sony stated:

Support for high-resolution 4K output for still images and movie content is in consideration, but there are no further details to share at this time. PS4 does not currently support 4K output for games.

However, there was no information revealed on whether PlayStation 4 will be getting the 4K resolution support any time in near future.

What do you think of Sony FMP-X10? Do you want 4K technology on your PS4?

Source: Video Gamer