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NEStalgia 8-bit MMO Finally Hits Steam

Studio Silk Games has released their massively multiplayer online (MMO) game NEStalgia on Steam. It’s currently available at $11.24, which is a 25% discount from its price of $14.99.

If you live in Europe, unfortunately, you’ll need to pay €11.24 as well. Prices will revert to their original when the offer ends on April 22, 2014.

As the name suggests, NEStalgia is a throwback to the roleplaying game (RPG) grandeur of the NES or 8-bit era. Players embark on a journey alone through the colorful environments of green fields, mixed with forests, dungeons and so on.

You can pair up with others to overcome the “Nintendo hard” curve that quickly grows in the MMO. To keep you going, there’s an entire quest system built up.

To give solo players some chances though, NEStalgia allows lone heroes to recruit monsters from in the game to join their band of misfits.

Another thing NEStalgia uses from the old ages is a world full of unexplained mysteries. There are hidden paths and other secrets littered around this pixelated universe.

Games can be played alone or in small groups, but the dedicated servers of NEStalgia that hold over 50 gamers are stated as its prime feature. That’s probably the better option if you’re low on friends.

Fun fact: NEStalgia was one of the first titles to get on Steam Greenlight, when it was first announced. It’s taken quite the time to get on the storefront, but it’s now ready to fulfill your nostalgic urges.