Michael De Santa’s House from GTA V Recreated in Minecraft

In a weekly round of some amazing GTA V focused videos, Rockstar Games shows off an amazing video from the user named Keralis who gives the tour of whole residence of Michael De Santa from GTA V into Minecraft.

Keralis and his partner came up on this house while playing the video game, the residence was created by a digital artist by the name of “Tanriverdi” in the newest installment of the game. Rockstar describe this discovery as:

Keralis and his block buddy Shiftmaster offer up a grand tour of a ‘cubist’ rendition of the De Santa household created by the talented digital artisan Tanriverdi in the latest iteration of their Minecraft Inspiration Series.

A real treat to see – Tanriverdi’s got the exterior AND interior nailed including the bedrooms, the tennis court, pool and even the garage stocked an appropriately blocky version of Michael’s Obey Tailgater.

Check out the video above for fully detailed tower of Michael De Santa house in Minecraft.

Any of the users who have played the game would notice the striking resemblance in an instance; every single detail has been taken into consideration by the creator, and it shows clearly in the result.

What do you think of the re-creation of Michael’s house from GTA V? Doesn’t it look awesome?

Source: Rockstar Games