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Two New Panoramic Screenshots of H1Z1 Discovered by Intrigued Followers

It seems that Sony Online Entertainment is really into Easter eggs and their interest can be seen on the official website of the recently announced survival sandbox MMO game H1Z1.

Today, a user of Reddit named as Survivor88, found a hint in the female voiced reversed audio track which spelled out a URL that linked to a beautiful image from the game, but it didn’t stop just there, within the image found, there was another URL hidden that lead to another astonishing screenshot from H1Z1 courtesy of -nd123- and Mortiferis.

If you were not intrigued by the game early on then these new images will certainly peak your interest. Although both of the screenshots are being grain filtered but they still look absolutely fantastic, check out both images in their original resolution below.

H1Z1 is a zombie survival game, a genre that has gained a huge popularity among the fans with the titles like DayZ Standalone and Rust. It will be difficult to go against these juggernauts but i am pretty sure that SOE will be able to do just fine.

H1Z1 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC later this this year.

Aren’t both of these screenshots looking absolutely amazing? Do you think H1Z1 will be able to survive in the market against Rust and DayZ?