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Guild Wars 2 April 15 Update is Live, Patch Notes Shared with no Living Story Updates

ArenaNet has released Guild Wars 2 April 15 update, the gigantic patch that we have been waiting for. Along with that they have also published the long list of patch notes so that you don’t get confused amidst the array of changes.

Highlights of the patch would be a new wardrobe system, an overhaul of the traits and megaservers. When it comes to the wardrobe, all your lockers for PvP and PvE will be combined, moreover, transmutation stones and crystals will now be turned into ’charges’ that you will be able to check upon from the wallet. Moreover, there is a long list of changes that have been made to runes and sigils.

However, there are no Living Story updates included in the patch in question. Maybe next time?

The new features, changes, fixes and more that have been made through the Guild Wars 2 April 15 update will affect these areas:

  • PvP reward tracks
  • PvP gear unification
  • PvP updated ranks
  • PvP map updates
  • A long list of changes to wardrobe, transmutation and outfits
  • World boss synchronization
  • Changes to guild world events, mega servers and world vs. world
  • There are other changes involving world polishing, in-game items, ferocity and critical damage
  • Changes have been made to the power runes, precision runes, toughness runes, vitality runes, ferocity runes, condition damage runes, healing power runes and non-primary stat runes.
  • Changes have been made to profession in terms of unlocking trait tiers, acquiring trait points, balancing creature stats, unlocking traits and refunding traits
  • New profession traits have been added
  • A long list of general stability issues and bugs have been taken care of
  • All this comes in addition to humongous changes that have been made to world vs. world and structured player vs. player
  • Black lion trading company gem store has been updated to add new items and promotions as well as other improvements.

Remember, we have only given you a gist of it, the complete patch notes for Guild Wars 2 April 15 update have been posted on the official forums of the game and they are HUGE. Head here if you wish to check out all of them – be prepared for a scroll-a-thron.