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The Grounded Bundle Detailed for The Last of Us

The Grounded bundle is the third and final DLC pack for The Last of Us and includes new multiplayer maps, a new single player campaign difficulty level, new weapons and more.

The featured Grounded mode comes with its own unique trophy which can be earned by completing the single player in the new increased difficulty mode. Season Pass holders get it for free but on its own, it costs $4.99.

Regarding the multiplayer portion, the bundle includes four new maps in the Reclaimed Territories pack, which Naughty Dog describe as “familiar yet unfamiliar to players of the single-player campaign.” The $9.99 worth maps are:

Set in the rusted-out docks where Joel encountered Robert, the Wharf map features close quarters gameplay, two snipers nests, and a giant boat. It’s full of good opportunities for climbing, flanking, and stealth.

Set in Boston, the Capitol Map features indoor and outdoor gameplay. It encourages the intelligent use of flanking.

Coal Mine
Set in Colorado, Coal Mine is a winter map that’s spotted with abandoned buildings. It’s a spacious map that has long lines of sight and a bridge that’s a perfect perch for snipers. The dynamic snowstorm obscures the view so be on your toes.

Water Tower
Set in Lincoln, PA, the Water Tower map features two primary chokepoints for some deadly face-to-face confrontations. It’s mainly an outdoor map with a few indoor areas and some very unique lighting. It might seem open, but it’s really a tight map that’s perfect for close quarters melee.

A weapon bundle costing $5.99 and two survival skills bundles for $3.99 each are also included. Additionally those with a copy of the game will receive a free fully automatic rifle for use in the multiplayer mode.

The Last of Us’ Season Pass is still available for purchase until May 13 for $19.99. Purchasing it today will grant you access to the Grounded Bundle, Abandoned Territories, Left Behind, and other DLC items released.

This summer will see to the release of The Last of Us: Remastered Edition for the PlayStation 4. The game is upscaled to 1080p glory and features HD character models, textures and other assets. It will also include the Grounded bundle but will not include the weapons and skills packs.

Source PlayStation Blog