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GAME Closes Recent Xbox-Only Store, Calls It “Pop-Up”

Retailer GAME will close down its Xbox-exclusive shop in London this month, after less than a year of existence. Originally, the store located in the Boxpark area in Shoreditch opened doors in June of 2013.

As an Xbox-exclusive, GAME’s specialty store served as a way to hype the launch of the Xbox One. According to GAME director Dave Howard, it essentially did what it had to do, stating:

The short-term contract location for the dedicated Xbox store has given us real insight into what consumers expect from the next generation of retail.

Further on, the director stresses that the store’s success has allowed the retailer to enhance their remaining 320 locations around the UK. Admittedly, the “experiment” hook sounds a lot better than a failure.

Microsoft also chimed in to state that the Xbox-exclusive GAME location was meant as a “pop-up” store, which is a currently popular trend, applied in many retail sectors. They also stated that they’ll continue to look for novel ways to target gamers with Xbox products.

The pop-up concept sounds rather counter-productive, really. If anything, it takes a while for people to connect a place to a certain store where they can find a product.

If a location changes around all the time, it’s a lot harder to be aware that it exists at a certain spot at all. Then again, it could be countered with a higher frequency of impulse purchases and that is a powerful marketing tactic indeed.

So, was this Xbox-exclusive store a good or a bad idea? Let your voice be heard in the comments.

Source: MCV.