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Fortnite: Ninja Class Detailed

Epic Games’ upcoming action-building title Fortnite is going to feature multiple classes for players to choose from. Each character comes with a unique ability and set of combat tools that will provide an advantage in one way or another.

Today Epic Games has detailed the Ninja class, a fast melee fighter with the Mantis Leap for a starting ability; which allows players to perform a double jump over otherwise inaccessible objects, such as single-story walls and cliffs.

Progressing through, the Ninja’s next unlockable ability is Assassination, which deals additional damage with each consecutive strike of an edged weapon for a short time. It can stack up to seven times.

Other Abilities include:

  • Throwing Stars – Allows the ninja to throw a trio of medium-range projectiles.
  • Smoke Bomb – Creates a smoke cloud that stun locks enemies for a short period of time.
  • Shadow Stance – Killing an enemy turns the player into a shadow and temporarily reduces the amount of damage taken from enemy attacks.
  • Dragon Slash – A powerful attack that instantly propels the ninja forward, dealing massive damage to enemies caught in their path.

The Ninja specializes in close combat and is slightly weaker than the Commando or Constructor class.

Early on the Ninja is better suited to ambushes or pokes when fighting tough enemies. With the Ninja’s increased speed, players can lead enemies into their traps and make their escape before the trap goes off.

Whilst the Ninja can wield guns, the skills unlocked later on more than make up for the limited ranged weapon proficiency.

The starting ability “Mantis Leap” is by far the most useful skill since it allows the ninja to do a double jump and reach higher ground away from the enemies.

In PVP, the ninja can use his Smoke Bomb ability to stun his enemies whilst him and his teammates can mow down the enemy team. With the Mantis Leap, the Ninja can infiltrate the enemy’s base as well. Other than combat, the Ninja’s speed allows him to gather resources faster for his team.

Fortnite is set to release on the PC sometime this year.