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Deadlight is Now Free For Xbox Live Gold Members

At the end of last month, Microsoft revealed that they will be putting two Xbox 360 titles for free to the Gold Members of the Xbox Live, in the month of April. First game that was available for free was 2012’s stealth game Hitman: Absolution and as of today, you will be able to get Deadlight at no cost what so ever.

Deadlight is a side-scroller game, developed by Tequila Works, that takes some elements from some popular genres like horror, survival and platformer.

It was released in August of 2012 for the Xbox Live and received a fairly decent response from the critics and the players because of the game’s unique plot and gameplay style.

The game takes you back to the Seattle of 1986 where a virus has been broke out, which is bringing the dead people back to life. The protagonist named as Randall Wayne has come to the city to investigate the reports that indicated that his separated wife and daughter can be found here.

If you are Xbox Live Gold Member then Deadlight is a must play title just because of its different story and it will not cost you anything.

For more information on the game, check out its official website.

Are you getting Deadlight for your Xbox 360 before the offer expires? Let us know!