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New Batman Arkham Knight Screenshots Introduce Characters, Batmobile

The third and last game in the Arkham series is definitely heating things up; if you look at some of the newly released Batman Arkham Knight screenshots, you will agree. Rocksteady are back at making a new Batman game, and they have made sure they go in with something to keep you gripping, for instance the drivable Batmobile, or the new suit of Batman.

Although we have seen some of these Batman Arkham Knight screenshots before as well, seeing them together with the new ones will give you a very clear picture of what lays in store for you in the upcoming game.

First off, there is the new Batmobile; more badass, more classy. As you can see from the image in the gallery below, it’s quite a glossy beast.

Moving on you get to see the Batman breaking the bones of some of the bad guys and then there is the hideously obese penguin who stands smoking a cigar while two face, the fallen detective, poses in the backdrop.

You also get to see Batman and his allies working on the cases in a lab as well as a look at detective Gordon.

Moving on, some of the pictures show off the Joker and his tricks for instance this image where we see Batman apparently driving away in his Batmobile from a spot where the Joker’s image is imprinted on the floor.

Check out the new Batman Arkham Knight image, especially the last one that details Batman’s attire and tell us what you think of the game.