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Xbox One Resolution Problem Might End with DirectX 12 – Brad Wardell

Microsoft faced a lot of criticism from the fans and critics due to Xbox One’s inability to play the games on higher resolution, but the founder and CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell believes that the solution of this problem is DirectX 12.

On his official Twitter account, he wrote:

When another user said that Microsoft is already doing it with the Xbox One, Wardell denied and continued to say that DirectX 12 will use all the 8 cores available which will allow the resolution to be increased.

In another tweet, while answering the question on how DirectX 12 will help the games on Xbox One, he wrote:

Xbox One has been facing a great competition with the PlayStation 4 when it comes to 1080p resolution. Any effort by Microsoft that brings the resolution closer to 1080p would receive a great welcome by the fans.

Do you believe DirectX 12 will solve the resolution problems faced by Xbox One?