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Spelunky World Record Broken Again in Just Two Months

New world record for the highest score in Spelunky has been broken by the user named YamaYamaDingDong, who beat the previous score with just a little margin.

Just a couple of months ago, a player named Bananasaurus_Rex made a new world record in the action game from Mossmouth, where he played the game for almost eight hours and in the end, finished it with the amazing score of $3,105,850 which broke the previous record of $2,980,000 with quite some distance.

This score of more than $3 Million seemed quite impossible to beat but a Twitch user named Mr. Dingdong, just shocked the world by breaking this score and setting a new world record. And guess what, he is just an 18 years old kid.

On his official profile on Twitch, he mentioned that he has been playing and streaming Spelunky since 19th of October last year and he doesn’t want to stop just here, instead he wants to beat his own record by scoring $3.25 Million.

What do you think of this new world record in Spelunky? Did you expect anyone to beat the last record? Do you think $3.25 Million a possibility? Share your theories with us in the comments below!