Ruffian Games Co-founder Announces Lumo For PC

Ruffian Games’ co-founder Gareth Noyce has revealed his small project, an isometric arcade puzzle adventure title named Lumo that is Finnish for Enchanted.

The game centers around a boy mage visiting a mysterious castle that is actually a museum dedicated to old computer games. The boy somehow ends up in the castle’s dungeon which is a large maze with rooms; with each room featuring varied puzzles.

In total the game will feature 150 levels and have players experiencing “plenty of platforming action, some physics based puzzles, plenty of exploration, and even a hidden shoot-em-up section.”

“It’s dripping with humour and nods to the past, as well as being a more laid back and easier to play game than it’s predecessors,” said Noyce. He described Lumo as being similar to 8bit Classics like Knightlore, Alien 8, Head over Heels and others.

The game is in development for the PC, Mac and Linux. Lumo made it to the top 30 requested titles on Steam Greenlight after it was launched last weekend.

Gareth Noyce may have gone indie now, but in the past he is known for his work on the original Crackdown, Fable 2 and PGR3. He also provided the music for Jeff Minter’s recent Vita opus TxK.