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New Skylanders Game to be Announced Next Week, Who is Excited?

According to an invite sent by Activision to Polygon, the company is looking to announce “The latest innovation from the franchise that created the toys-to-life category” at the media event on 23rd of April in New York.

The invitation was received by the news editor at the site, Brian Crecente and it included a video message that featured two of the opposite forces Kaos and Eon going against each other in the universe of Skylanders.

Since the debut of the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure in 2011, the game has become an yearly franchise with two games releasing after that, one in 2012 (Skylanders: Giants) and the other in 2013 (Skylanders: Swap Force).

Glenn Oliver of Activision said on the upcoming game in the franchise:

This year we’ve expanded to a year-round franchise, meaning we’ve reserved more characters for 2014 than we normally would.

There are a good 20 percent of them that haven’t come out yet [for latest release Skylanders Swap Force]. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that we know there are still a lot of opportunities, like birthdays and Easter, for gift-giving, and we want you to be able to go a store and buy new Skylanders

Earlier this year, Activision stated that they have made over $2 billion from the sales of Skylanders games and toys. This huge number of sales of the game has put Skylanders in the top 20 franchises of all time.

What do you think of Skylanders being a yearly franchise? Do you want more every year? Let us know in your comments!