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Interceptor Entertainment Launches Teaser Site For Mass Destruction Reboot

Interceptor Entertainment has launched a new teaser site that shows a countdown to their Duke Nukem title, but with all previous Duke Nukem references removed.

Interceptor Entertainment was known to have been working with 3D Realms on a top-down RPG Duke Nukem title called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. They launched a teaser website for the project named “” in February, which caught the attention of Gearbox and ultimately had it filing a lawsuit against both Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms.

Although 3D Realms responded to the lawsuit claiming they still owned the rights to the Duke Nukem trademark and that Gearbox only own the rights to Duke Nukem: Forever, Interceptor suspended development of the game.

Later on Interceptor Entertainment bought 3D Realms, and with it the rights to the Duke Nukem Trademark. The countdown clock marks 29 days until the full reveal of the game. The track being played on the site has an intriguing end where there is a small transmission from what sounds like a marine in a battlefield asking for support followed by strange ‘wheezing’ sound that hints at the Pig Soldiers from Duke Nukem.