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InFamous: Second Son Official Soundtrack Released For Free by Sony

Sony is apparently very happy with the launch of inFamous: Second Son and to show their appreciation has announced the release of the game’s full original soundtrack for free.

“The team at Sucker Punch Productions and PlayStation want to say THANKS for all your support in the form of this free app featuring the awesome music of inFAMOUS Second Son,” reads the description of the listing on the Sony Computer Entertainment website.

In total there are 29 original pieces from the original score for fans to listen on. Sony marks it as an “exciting collaboration” between composers Marc Canham (Far Cry 2), Nathan Johnson (Looper, Brick) and Brain (Tom Waits, Primus).

“A brilliant blend of chaotic guitars, musical sound design, and driving grooves, this innovative collection is inspired by both the plight of the game’s characters and its iconic setting,” notes Sony.

To gain access you can head here to the Sony Entertainment Network Store and download it directly to your PlayStation 4. The app is currently available in North America only and weighs in at 480MB.

Infamous: Second Son is reported to have sold over a million units worldwide in its first nine days of retail launch. It’s now officially the fastest selling Infamous game in the history of the franchise.