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Guacamelee Developer Backs PS Vita and Praises Handheld Owners

Undoubtedly, PS Vita is not the most wanted gaming device right now, in fact it is actually struggling in terms of sales – except for the Japanese market. However, that doesn’t mean the handheld is not up to par. Drinkbox, the studio behind Guacamelee believes that ‘PS Vita owners are the best’ and that it is ‘an amazing system.’

Chris McQuinn, from the developer who has made Guacamelee and the Mutant Blobs Attack was talking to Games when he shared his opinion about PS Vita as a platform and the performance on Guacamelee on it with regards to sales:

“Honestly, Vita owners are the best. People rag on the Vita so much, and I think that people who rag on the Vita don’t understand, at least from a business perspective, the purchasing power of Vita owners. Vita owners are serious purchasers of games. It’s an amazing system.

The split in sales for Guacamelee between the Vita and the PS3 wasn’t quite even, but it wasn’t far off. I think that speaks to the strength of the Vita as a console to sell your game on, because there are so many more PS3s than Vitas. For us, the sales on the Vita were really, really strong. It was a great system for us.”

Being a loyal member of the gaming community, one wants to see endeavors to succeed regardless of the company that is behind it. It is for the greater good. It is always good to see that people find success in different platforms, and it is much better to see that people hope to make things work even when the figures state otherwise.

How many of you own a PS Vita? Have you played Guacamelee on it? What were your impressions?