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GTA Online Capture Creator Guide – Tips And Tricks, How To Build Best Levels

With the launch of GTA Online Capture Creator update, players are able to build their own level in Grand Theft Auto Online and this GTA Online Capture Creator guide will help you with all the tricks to help you build the best levels in GTA 5 Online.

With GTA Online Capture Creator update players are able to customize and tweak jobs like adding a bunch of new stuff and changing the spawn locations during the job and this GTA Online Capture Creator guide will help you step-by-step on how to use the Capture Creator and how to make the best levels in GTA Online.

GTA Online Capture Creator

With this update, GTA Online Community Players can adjust spawning locations, weapon caches’ placements, vehicles, and other things that they choose to add in a job.

Those who didn’t have the chance to try out the all-new Capture Creator can go through this GTA Online Capture Creator guide to know all the basics of creating the best levels.

Types of Capture Creator

You will see four types of Capture in the Main Creator Menu. In this section of our GTA Online Capture Creator guide, we will discuss all four them and what they bring to the table for our creative players.

This mode primarily revolves around a competition of stealing vehicles between two teams. A team must steal more vehicles in the given time window to score a win. Since this game mode is involved with a lot of running in the cars, a pretty vast space on the map is required.

Contend can be considered as Capture the Flag from various First-Person Shooter titles.

Each team must bring the allotted package to its base which scores it a point. Once a package is retrieved, it respawns at its location. The game ends when a team reaches the maximum score limit or timer runs out.

This mode is pretty much like Contend and revolves around stealing and accumulating allotted package on your base. These packages do not have any specified location and can be found anywhere in the map or inside enemy’s base.

Just like Contend, the game finishes when a team reaches the maximum score limit or the timer runs out.

Raid is like Hold and the only difference is that teams spawn with a bunch of allotted packages inside respective home bases. The objective is to steal enemy teams’ packages while protecting yours.

The Capture Details

This menu revolves around setting up different rules like the maximum number of players, the total number of teams, and maximum score limit for your Lobby.

Once you open up The Capture Details Menu, you will see several options with a Red Exclamation Mark on top of them. These Exclamation Marks indicate that you must fulfill the requirements of that particular option before moving ahead.

All these options are provided below:

Title: This is pretty straightforward. Just provide a catching title and move ahead!

Job Description: The Job Description should provide all details as to what the job is about. Once again, making it a catchy one will attract more Community Members.

Photo: This is Profile Picture of your Creation.

Team Details: In this sub-section, you need to adjust maximum score limit for your Creation. The score limit can be adjusted in a way so as to provide one team with less required points to win than the other.

In the Capture Details Menu, you can also decide the number of the maximum number of players.

You can also add if you want players to spawn inside certain vehicles or on foot. In addition to this, you can also adjust settings like population, traffic, weather, time of the day, and Maximum Wanted Level allowed.

Placement Menu

Like the name suggests, in the Placement Menu, you will choose everything from Starting Location to Trigger Location. It is in this menu in which you will choose the location of various Objectives, Vehicles, Weapon, and other things.

Trigger Location and Camera Adjustments
The first thing you will be asked in Placement Menu will be to set a Trigger Location. The Trigger must be placed on a flat surface (not on rivers and rocky terrains) since this is the place where all the players must gather to commence the job.

Setting it up at an inaccessible area will hinder in the job initiation.

Although Lobby Camera does not hold much of importance, it gives the Lobby Members a whole outlook of your creation while they are waiting for other players. It is recommended that you place your camera right next to your Trigger Location for better viewing purposes.

Start Location
This sub-menu will determine where the Lobby Members spawn.

It totally depends upon the creator where to place the Starting Points, but as a general rule of thumb, it is advised that they should be placed in such a fashion which does not provide any team with an unfair advantage.

As for the Respawns Location, you should consider choosing a location where there is some decent protection; unlike Call of Duty spawns. You can try and choose the option which respawns players near the location of their death.

Furthermore, placing the respawn location near the base seems like a good idea since players will be able to run to their base for supplies.

Weapon and Armor Placement
Guns and Armor are one of the most important placements of your Creation. These can be placed anywhere and can be picked up by any player. Therefore, it is recommended that you place weapons in a location where it sorts of becomes a challenge to grab them.

You also need to know that the weapons are rank-locked. If you place a higher-ranked weapon and none of the players are of that rank, the weapon will automatically be placed by a lower-ranked weapon.

Vehicles Placement
Players can add a maximum of ten vehicles in their creation of five different models. These vehicles are not respawned once they are destroyed. As for the class of the vehicles, they are not rank-specific like Weapons. They can be placed anywhere; however, I would recommend placing them in a busy area where getting them would create some sort of tension and engagements.

Miscellaneous Objects Placement
Along with aforementioned things, players will also be able to add props which will provide them a spot for cover. There are two types of cover: static and dynamic. Static Props cannot be destroyed or moved while Dynamic Props can be moved and destroyed.

In order to provide your Creation a livelier feel, you can also add different kinds of Actors ranging from a wide arsenal of categories. Players can decide whether these Actors should be static or mobile.

There are a lot of things to choose from when it comes to actors. You can choose whether they should respawn or not and what weapon they should carry (if any).

Zones clear out an area of any pedestrian and vehicle so that you can engage freely without anything coming in your way. You will also have to option whether to free a zone of only pedestrian, vehicle, or everything.

Camera Adjustment
While in the Placement Menu, you can choose from two different camera options: Overhead and On-Foot.

While On-Foot Camera provides you to access a wide range of area like underground areas and insides of buildings, the Overhead Camera will let you ‘Warp’ to farther distances within no time.

Testing Phase

To me, this step is the most important of the whole of your Creation. But before you head in to test it out, double-check if you have missed out on anything.

In order to test out your Creation, you need to capture a vehicle or objective and bring it to your Home Base. Your Saved Creation can also be played with friends even before you have published it.

The Testing Phase is very crucial if you want to get your Creation published.


Once you have tested out your Creation and everything else, you are ready to publish your content for the GTA Online Community Members. Before you could publish, you can to double check the following things:

  • Valid Title
  • Description
  • Photo
  • Target Score
  • Trigger
  • Lobby Camera
  • Team Start Points
  • Team Capture Points
  • Capture Object/Capture Vehicle
  • You are then required to complete a valid test for every team in your Capture. A valid test consists of collecting a Capture Object/Vehicle and delivering it to your Team Capture Point
  • You should then be able to publish your Capture. If you make any edits after this point then your previous test will be invalidated, requiring you to re-test the Job for all teams

If any of the aforementioned conditions are not met, the Publish Option will grey out the indication that you missed something.

After successfully publishing your job, you can access it via:

Pause Menu – Online – Jobs – Host Jobs – My Jobs

That’s all we have on GTA Online Capture Creation, if you find anything missing or confusing, let us know in the comments below!