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Fable Anniversary Lead Designer Leaves Lionhead Studios

Fable Anniversary lead designer Ted Timmins has announced his exit from Lionhead Studios, after having worked there for at least a decade.

Posting a series of Tweets, Timmins expressed how grateful he was for having worked for such a long time with “incredibly talented people.” The developer started his career with Fable as a tester and ended as a lead designer with Fable Anniversary as his last Lionhead game.

“I’ve decided to leave Lionhead. This was a really tough decision, as I’ve had such an amazing time here,” Timmins wrote. “Lionhead has been such an integral part of my life, more than 1/3rd of it infact! Which is why it’s a good time for change.”

Timmins extended special thanks to Peter Molyneux “for establishing a company that would give a spotty 18 year old with no talent or qualifications a chance.” Molyneux himself left Lionhead in 2012 to form Godus developer 22Cans. Timmins on the other hand has yet to reveal his future plans.

Source Twitter