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Dragon Age: Inquisition Can Provide You a “Hate Filled Forbidden Love”

Bioware has made quite a name for itself when it comes to romance options in their games, and with Dragon Age: Inquisition the developer wants to evolve the romance to produce different kinds of love between the characters.

According to a report from LadyInsanity, Bioware mentioned a few things about the upcoming title’s romance options and returing characters, which are summarized below.

Your rival at the start of the game might become your “hate filled forbidden love” or you could fall for someone who you never thought you’d end up with. Moreover, the traditional romance style of the previous titles will also return where you fall in love with one character affectionately.

During the PAX East, 2014 Bioware confirmed a couple of romance options that will be available in the Dragon Age: Inquisition. First one is Cassandra Pentaghast, people who have played Dragon Age 2 might remember her, other one is Cullen who is a Templar and has made an appearance in both the titles thus far.

There will be nine companions available throughout the game with each one bringing their own uniqueness to the group. More options mean that the players will have a hard time choosing, but the positive side is there is room for flexibility.

Bioware mentioned that there is a very “solid possibility” that the protagonists of previous games (Grey Warder and Hawke) will return to the Dragon Age: Inquisition.

They also confirmed that Morrigan’s mother named Flemeth will return and one of the characters from the Novel of Dragon Age will also appear but they didn’t mention which one.

For detailed information on Dragon Age: Inquisition, check out the report at LadyInsanity.

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