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Dark Souls 2 Being Delayed on PC for One Week [Update]

Bad news for the Dark Souls fans who were eager to get their hands on the highly anticipated title Dark Souls 2. According to a few reports from multiple retailers, Dark Souls 2 will be delayed for PC by one week.

GameKeysNow, who seem to have reliable sources for PlayStation Plus, has made a statement that says:

Official UK distribution that Dark Souls 2 has been delayed by a week until May 2nd 2014, no reason has been given for the delay as yet, but after the problems the original game had upon its release on PC I’m sure most fans will hope this small delay is all that’s required to polish the game up.

Other retailers, Amazon in particular has also reported, that they have been notified via email that the game is indeed being delayed by a week to 2nd of May.

However, Namco Bandai has not made an official announcement yet, but after all this speculation, we hope that the developer clear up the situation sooner rather than later.

Previously, Dark Souls 2 was set to release next week on 25th of April for PC. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version was released on 11th of March.

What are your thoughts about the delay on PC? Does one week’s delay bother you? Let us know in your comments!

Sources have confirmed to MCV that only the retail version of Dark Souls 2 in UK has been delayed. The digital release stays as such.