Blood Bowl 2 First In-Game Trailer Pits Humans Against Orcs

After quite a mediocre attempt with their first title Blood Bowl, Cyanide Studio wants to have another go at the genre with Blood Bowl 2. Today, Focus Home Interactive has released first in-game trailer for their next title which showcases humans vs. Orcs in action.

The human team is named as Humans Reikland Reaver while the Orcs team is called the Orcs of Gouged Eye and both the teams are battling in the field for the superiority of their race. The commentary for the game will be provided by Bob Bifford and Jim Johnson.

Blood Bowl 2 is made from a new graphic engine and the graphical jump from previous title can be witnessed by the video.

Moreover, a lot of focus has been put on the single player campaign and some great new features will be headed to the multiplayer mode as well.

The game was first announced almost a year ago, since then there hasn’t been a lot of information on the title so far, but the recent trailer shows what to expect from the upcoming game.

With Blood Bowl 2, Cyanide Studios is upgrading everything from visuals to the new features and a classic campaign.

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