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Battlefield 4’s ‘Death Shield’ Bug is Kind of Hilarious

A new major bug has been discovered in Battlefield 4 which might be the biggest bug so far. It is being called as the “Death Shield” and it is responsible for some of the most frustrating moments experienced by the players in the game.

Many times it happens that you fire at the opponents, throw a frag grenade at them, hit them with Rocket launcher and despite clear strike, they won’t take any damage. Now the bug for these issues has been found and there is a huge possibility that it is related to the revive system in Battlefield 4.

One of the YouTube users named Jack Frag faced this bug and made a video of what exactly it does.

Whenever someone is killed in Battlefield 4, there is a limited amount of time for them to be revived. When a player is completely dead, everything you throw will pass over them without any trouble, but while the players are waiting for being revived, other opponents in the vicinity can be invincible.

If DICE were unaware of this bug before, now they have some sort of idea about it and one of the spokesperson has clarified that they are indeed “looking into it”.

Battlefield 4 is an amazing game but this kind of bugs has ruined the experience of the players, so many players have left playing altogether and moved onto other games. Even after so many patches and fixes released by the developer, a few problems still exist.

What are the issues that you are facing in Battlefield 4? Have you experience the Death Shield bug? Share your experiences with us in your comments!