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Batman Arkham Knight Logo Has a Lot to do With Series’ End

We know how a lot of the game developers tend to go through an extensive thought process before creating a good game; similarly, Rocksteady really wants to go to great lengths when it comes to their upcoming Batman title. For instance, the idea behind making the Batman Arkham Knight logo look like the way it is.

Dax Ginn the marketing producer at Rocksteady Studios was interviewed by Locked On Games recently where he was asked about the design choices made while deciding to choose that specific flaming logo for the game.

His response was more elaborate (and enlightening that usual):

So, Batman: Arkham Asylum, when you think about the image on the front of the box, it’s very blue, very cool, very calm. Batman: Arkham City was black and white, purely neutral. So we’ve got this spectrum that we’ve built up between the three games where Arkham Knight is all about heat. It’s all about this epic, conclusive, explosive end to the trilogy. So, the colour spectrum from blue through to neutral through to red hot, that was really the driving philosophy behind the design of the logo. There’s also the carbon fibre to kinda connect to the Batmobile.

Moreover, he agreed that they tend to leave bits of hints in the game regarding the path that they are going to take next. He also stated that the developers have had the ending of the series in their minds since Arkham City, which means that they have left hints about it in the game.

Batman Arkham Knight is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; the game will see a worldwide release on October 14, 2014.